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Locus Map Free – Outdoor GPS 3.22.2 APK


Locus Map Free - Outdoor GPS 3.22.2 APK

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Description of Locus Map Free - Outdoor GPS 3.22.2 APK APK

Locus Map Free multi-functional outdoor navigation app offers all features in one place:


– OSM based vector LoMaps of the whole World – with switchable themes for summer, winter, road or city use – first THREE MAPS ARE FOR FREE
– Switzerland – famous quality SwissTopo maps
– Germany, Austria – Outdooractive Summer and Winter
– United Kingdom – Ordnance Survey Opendata
– support of SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMAP formats
– support of own OpenStreetMap data or custom map themes


– US – USGS, ChartBundle, OpenStreetMaps…
– Europe – Outdooractive Summer and Winter (Germany, Austria), IGN (France), Kapsi.fi (Finland), Turistautak (Hungary), Skoterleder (Sweden), Statkart (Norway), Retromap (Russia), UMP and Osmapa.pl (Poland), SHOCart and SmartMaps (Czech and Slovak rep.) …
– other parts of the World – GSI (Japan), Visicom (former Soviet countries), Navigasi (Indonesia), NzTopoMaps (New Zealand) and others
– support of WMS sources – meteorological maps, NASA maps, cadastral maps…
Most of the online maps can be DOWNLOADED to offline for free or for reasonable price.


– records your tracks and stores their stats
– plans your trip or workout routes
– imports/exports routes/tracks from/to various formats (KML, KMZ, GPX…) and web services (Strava, Runkeeper, GPSies, Google Earth, Freelogbook.biz etc…)

Points of interest
– creates your own point database
– imports/exports POIs in many formats
– displays dynamic OpenStreetMap POI database

– downloads geocaches to your mobile by the Geocaching4Locus add-on
– navigates you to them with map and compass
– offers many useful geocaching tools

Navigation and guidance
– turn-by-turn voice navigation with support of offline routing services
– beeline guidance to a point (on map or by compass) or along a route

Live tracking
– shares your real time position with your friends or family. Monitors their activity right on your map screen.

– smart GPS system saving your battery life
– skyplot displaying actual satellite situation above your head
– GPS status notifications

– you don't have to look for your car in the middle of a crowded mall parking anymore, Locus Map will find it for you

Locus Map Free is highly customizable. You can set everything according to your needs. Just give it a try!

Do you want your Locus Map to handle even more functions and without limits? For example bike computer with full support of external bluetooth and ANT+ sensors? Then download Locus Map Pro!

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